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Our offices offer state of the art technology in a warm and restful setting.

About Our Practice

Welcome to our special, comprehensive, private, and personalized practice. Here, we believe that individualization and personal attention are the keys to achieving natural-looking effects.

People are born with unique faces, eyelids, chins, and noses. They shouldn’t all have the same facelift, eyelid surgery, nose job, or even Botox® injections.

Dr. Kane is dedicated to treating each patient as an individual. He does not believe in “cookie-cutter medicine.” In addition to medical training and his multi-decade experience performing aesthetic procedures, Dr. Kane has studied at the Parsons School of Design and attended film school at NYU. This broadening, image-focused training has helped Dr. Kane sharpen his eye toward accentuating and restoring the natural attractiveness particular to each patient.

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kane draws from his full range of medical knowledge, surgical skills, and sense of aesthetics to address each of his patient’s needs, in all areas of the body. His sensitive, patient-focused approach brings about both successful, satisfying outcomes in every surgery, as well as a comfortable experience through all stages of the process.